Looking for affordable legal support for startups?

Al Tamimi & Company offer tailored legal packages exclusively on Accelerate SME

Al Tamimi & Company, the region’s largest law firm, have joined the Accelerate SME business service marketplace as a provider of tailored legal services to startups and SMEs throughout the MENA region.

Al Tamimi provide legal services tailored to companies at the initial stages of the start-up journey and can assist with everything from protecting an idea through to setting up, commencement of operations, employing staff and formalizing investment(s).

The services exclusively available on Accelerate SME are aimed at early stage start-ups, those who’re considering setting up a company, or those who’ve very recently incorporated.

Accelerate SME members can now apply exclusively for one of the following legal support packages from Al Tamimi at significantly discounted rates:

Legal support to start and run a start-up

Al Tamimi are offering a comprehensive range of legal services crucial to the incubation stage of a start-up.This service offering for Accelerate SME members includes a free, 30 minute telephone consultation, access to a dedicated relationship manager and drafting of the legal documents you require at a fixed price including:

  • Incorporation of a With Limited Liability (WLL) Company
  • Incorporation of a Single Person Company (SPC)
  • Basic website terms and conditions
  • Template NDA/ Confidentiality agreement
  • Template employment contracts for high level employees, directors, managers
  • Template employment contract for mid-junior level employees
  • Template shareholders agreement or joint venture agreement
  • Template supply of goods agreement
  • Template supply of services agreement
  • Template investment agreement
  • Short convertible loan agreement

Legal support to build and run an e-commerce business

Starting and growing an e-commerce business requires attention to detail and our program delivers a set of tailored, succinct and compliant legal documents to let you concentrate on the key commercial issues of building your platform and growing your consumer base.

With extensive experience in the commercial aspects of technology, media and telecommunications projects in the region, Al Tamimi can support you in the drafting of the following documents for your e-commerce business:

  • Content “risk analysis” summary for the GCC
  • Basic terms for website use
  • Terms & Conditions for users and purchasers
  • Basic privacy policy for regional use
  • Bespoke consultation for EU focused businesses focused
  • Terms for third party suppliers
  • Short form website/ platform design agreement
  • Full form website/ platform design with maintenance and/ or operational services

Accelerate SME members benefit from a free, 30 minute phone consultation with a member of Al Tamimi’s team and a fixed price for each deliverable.

Legal support for those with an innovation driven business

Al Tamimi has unique expertise in the region in R&D and Innovation, including specialized intellectual property and commercial related legal services tailored to businesses active in R&D and innovation in various sectors including computer, green energy, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, telecom, food & beverage, defence & aerospace, electronics and others.

Al Tamimi have designed a custom package for Accelerate SME members to help you achieve and protect the very core innovative concepts of your business. This can have a substantial impact on restricting competition from misappropriating your concept, boosting the value of your business, attracting investments and increasing your return on investment.

The fixed-fee package covers the main four legal components required for innovation-driven businesses:

Component 1: Legal templates & documents:

  • Confidentiality Agreement for potential investors
  • Confidentiality Agreement for employees
  • Investment Agreement
  • Invention Assignment Agreement
  • Patent Data Mining Sheet
  • External Consulting Agreement with IP Clauses
  • Employment Agreement with IP Clauses
  • Due diligence/Audit Check List

Component 2: Advisory & Coaching

  • Seminar: How to guide your R&D Activities to achieve innovation which may be protected under the law
  • Seminar: How to Identify and Protect your Intellectual Property
  • Advisory Session: Business set up general guidance
  • Advisory Session: data mining & advising about protection of invention and recommended strategy

Component 3: Provisional Patent Protection

  • Preparing and filing a Provisional Patent Application at United States Patent & Trade Mark Office (provides 1 year provisional protection)

Component 4: Guidelines, Networking & Events

  • Patent protection guidelines
  • Other guidelines which may be available from time to time
  • Invitation to networking and innovation related events and seminars based on availability

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